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Weight No More!

I don't tend to watch much TV but when I do I love anything that inspires me. Sunday is one of my favourite days as I feed the spiritual part of my soul with the awesome Oprah's Masterclass and Supersoul Sunday. Mid week I loved Sky Living's Fat: The Fight Of My Life. I adored watching people overcome psychological barriers that held them back when it came to eating and exercise while they take control of their lives and recognise potential they never knew they had.

One episode really stuck with me and that is the story of Sarah Le Brocq. I saw a beautiful and intelligent woman when she appeared on the screen yet she said she hated herself which made me so sad. As the episode continued, Sarah lost 8 stone, regained her self esteem, reclaimed her life and ended up taking part in an Olympic distance triathlon! For me, although her weight loss was incredible the thing that stood out was the fact that she competed in the triathlon still at 17 stone proving that you don't have to be a size 8 athlete in order to achieve ambitious health goals. Most people including myself would think "maybe when I'm a size xxxx and after training for xxx years then maybe I'll consider it. Nope, Sarah took the bull by the horns, embraced the challenge and smashed it. The message I'd like to give today is never wait to be a certain weight - live NOW!! I'm thrilled to host her on the Vivi blog and we talk changing health habits with a bit of glamour thrown in of course.

Sarah at the start of the show

VV: Welcome Sarah! Goddam you're looking HAWT! I believe you were up at 5am every morning to train for 2 hours. Hardcore! Was it evil and what kept you going?
SLB: I was indeed, up at 5am with Val my trainer knocking at my door at 5.45am 5 days a week. It took a while to adjust to the early starts as I am not an morning person, but eventually it just became a way of life. I just changed my routine, bed by 9pm so I still got my 8 hours sleep. My body ached lots initially, but again adapted over time. I am a very driven person, so once I had made my mind up to be on the programme, nothing was going to stop me because there was no way I was going to fail.

VV: Go girl! How did you find radically changing your diet? Were there times when you just wanted to jack it all in and eat a huge pizza?
SLB: The change in the food I ate took a little getting used to, as I was a big carbohydrate and sugar fiend. However, I managed to find lots of healthy tasty meals that satisfied my taste buds, so the food side wasn't a big thing for me in the end. It just became a way of life. I think the important thing long term is not to deprive yourself of things you love for instance pizza, I love Pizza, I just now have a couple of slices with salad rather than a large Dominos like I used to.

Sarah striking a pose looking gorg

VV: I was so sad when you said at the start of the show that you hated yourself but I think many women can relate to that. How are you feeling about yourself now and how have you achieved a shift in mind set (if it has changed that is)
SLB: I definitely don't hate myself anymore, I like myself but I still have a way to go until I love myself.......but I'll get there! It's important to remind yourself how far you have come on your journey, taking photos at the start is a great way to do this. I still have to keep revisiting my photos at the start.

I think the shift in my mind set is down to the amount of intense hard work I have put in to get to this point and a combination of positive thinking and daily positive affirmations. There is still work to be done here, and probably always will be. Persistence is key!

Oh so pretty!

VV: Good advice. What have been the personal high and low points of your journey?SLB: Personal high point will have to be completing my Olympic Triathlon. I loved every minute of it! I honestly can't think of any specific low points, the high points most definitely out weigh the lows.

VV: That triathlon - I bow down to you. What was it like?
SLB: The triathlon was AMAZING! I was on such a high the whole way through. The mile swim was great and I completed it quicker than I thought which helped my confidence going into the 40K bike ride. The bike ride was tough at times with some nasty hills, but every time my energy dipped I reminded myself why I was doing it and the amazing support from my friends, family and Jessie, kept me going! The 10K run was a killer at the end, my feet went numb, but nothing was going to stop me from completing it. The feeling as I crossed the finish line was euphoric, but also very emotional. I was very proud of myself! I am planning on doing the Jersey triathlon again next year.....I have a PB to beat now ;-)!!

VV: Wowzers! Now forgive me, I’m going to be crass. How on earth could you exercise when you have the HOT Jessie Pavelka standing in front of you?

SLB: Ha ha! The beautiful Jessie, I'm not going to lie the first time I met Jessie, I did find it hard to focus, however his lovely personality and sense of humour soon make you feel at ease. He is very down to earth and he soon becomes Jessie your friend, rather than Jessie the heart throb!!

Sarah rubbing it in she's BF's with JP!

VV: Well I don't know if I could be that cool - I would have dropped a kettle bell on my foot and spilled carb drink down my top with nerves. What was it like working out with such male loveliness?

SLB: We didn't have many opportunities to actually train with Jessie, the majority of our training was with our local trainers. Mine was Valentine Rawat of Rawfit.
Of the few times I did train with Jessie, I tried to make sure I maintained my dignity! Ha!
Yes Sarah I get the drift.....I'm so jealous!

VV: We love a bit of glamour in Vivi land and you’re a bit of a glamourpuss Sarah. Tell us about your style clothes, makeup beauty must haves and style icons.
SLB: Being over weight I could never really focus on designer clothes etc... Because nothing fitted me :-( so I focused on nice shoes, hand bags and accessories. I'm sure most people spotted my good old Chanel sunnies in most shots, I can't live without them! Ha!
I am looking forward to experimenting with different designers and clothes as my journey continues. I am a big fan of the Ralph Lauren, Barbour Coat style look for the future. I have always spent a fortune on keeping my hair nice and using nice make up, as these were a great distraction from my horrible body......well so I thought! My fave pieces of make up are my Chanel foundation and bronzer and I couldn't go anywhere without my YSL touché eclait!

VV: I'm so there with that one! Fantasy dinner party – who would you invite dead or alive?
SLB: This is an interesting question.... The first person that springs to mind is Karon Brady, I admire her strength and tenacity in the footballing world and her amazing achievements. I also love her glamour and style.

Tom Cruise is my dream man, so I would love to meet him to see if he really is that short? (I don't think he is!) And also to see if he is as mad as people make out.
And Finally Lord Sugar, I have been a big fan of The Apprentice for many years, in fact I applied to take part and reached the audition stages twice!! I really like Lord Sugars no mess attitude, he says it as it is, so you always know where you stand. I really like that about him.

VV: What’s next for you health goal wise?

SLB: My next health goal is to get to my goal weigh/dress size. I say that because my goal is to be a size 12, and I have no idea how much more weight I have to lose to get there. I am currently a size 16/18. Something Jessie used to stress was not to focus on the numbers and I understand that now, I think this is a healthy attitude to have.
Looking radiant - go Sarah!

VV: If anyone reading this wanted to make mind, diet and exercise changes where should they start and what are your top tips to keep going?
SLB: For anyone wanting to make changes, they have to be completely committed, because unless their mind is focused, it won't happen. There is no quick fix, I had a personal trainer, counsellor/mentor and amazing support from friends and family and these were crucial to my focus and progress.
I guess what I really wanted people to take away from my show, is that anyone can achieve anything they want to if they rely put their mind to it. I proved that by completing an Olympic triathlon at 17 stone!

We are the owners of our own destiny, the choices we make and decisions we take are completely in our control. Don't be your own worst enemy. If you want to change your life, you CAN!!
Feel free on twitter @Sarah FTFOML, I try to tweet motivational quotes through the week and I am happy to answer any questions.

So what are you waiting for? Don't wait one minute more. Dream about your goals and go for them!

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