Thursday, 20 September 2012

Feed Yo Man

By Thursday that thirst for the weekend is approaching and it has been said many a time that Thursday is the new Friday. Given this situation, Mr Victory was in the mood for something a tad more celebrational. I messed with his heart yesterday as I was toying with the idea of providing a juicy steak but opted for last week's mussel and pasta dish instead.

Mr V in search of real food. The mussels were inadequate

The face of sheer disappointment was crushing so to try and make amends with my gorgeous caveman I threw in some pieces of bacon. It was a lame attempt to correct my faux pas since Mr V adores a steak and I could almost see a cartoon bubble above his head featuring a meat carcass. He's so happy with a meat and bread combo rather than me enthusing about ideas of puy lentils and julienne beetroot.

That's more like it
So I came home armed with 3 ingredients; sirloin steak, a baguette and a bottle of sweet mustard ketchup. While the griddle pan was heating up I chopped an onion and softened it in some olive oil and cooked them until they were caramalised. I then placed the steaks to sizzle in the griddle pan on the highest heat and cooked for about 7-8 minutes as we like them red inside still. I sliced the steaks and piled in the meat, onions and mustard into the baguette and held it shut with a knife for full carniverous caveman effect. Ok I nicked that idea from Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals.

It felt like a real treat and it was so quick and simple. Yes a bit pricey with the meat and ketchup but cheaper than a takeaway or meal out. Not that us vintage gals need reinforcement that we are the bees knees but making yo man a steak just confirms you're the best thing since sliced beef in his mind.
Meat and bread construction awaiting it's lid
The mustard ketchup is quite simply the nuts. Seriously get some. it's by a company called Tracklements and they sell the most delicious range of sauces, chutneys and pickles. I've got the chilli jam and the dill sauce which is simply divine. You can order online and I'm hyperventilating now I've discovered smoked chipotle salsa which I shall be ordering ASAP. Not to mention pumpkin chutney with orange and chilli. You know it makes sense. Get on it.

Happy weekend.


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