Monday, 24 September 2012

Fishy Dishy

I'm so loving the autumn so far. Crisp sunny mornings, cosy fires on an evening and lots of lovely seasonal produce to look forward to in the guise of pumpkins, squash and lovely root veg.

The mighty fish pie. It was a real winner
I was looking to make a real heart warming dish yesterday and was toying with the ideas of a casserole or stew but really fancied a fish pie since I realised I hadn't cooked one for months. My oh my, I must admit I was loving my own work! Click here for the recipe but what I think really added to this badboy was the addition of dill, some small pieces of bacon and lime zest and juice.

It's a great dish to make as you can prepare the sauce and mashed potatoes in advance if you're having guests then when they arrive assemble and pop in the oven for 40 minutes.

Oozing dill tastic flavour
I've been known to be bigging up the farm shops on previous blogs since they are really the dogs but I'm not a food snob and sometimes have to rely on le supermarche. Tesco do a mighty fine frozen bag of fish pie mix and I also bought mussels and prawns. The beauty is that you can half the quantities and put the rest in freezer bags and keep for another meal.

So try not to be too sad we've waved bye bye to the summer and get excited for the A/W season of belting produce.


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