Sunday, 14 October 2012

Kitchen Razmatazz

They say we eat with our eyes. Obviously not literally, that would be a bit freaky. Think of the last time you were in a restaurant. Apart from deliberating over the menu, I bet you scanned the room looking at what the other customers had ordered and your pupils dilated with love once you clocked somebody's juicy looking lamb chops and announced "I'm having that!"

I personally believe that the visuals are really important when cooking and eating. I don't mean it has to be of Parisian patisserie artisan standards - if you've cooked with love that will suffice. But some great tableware will really enhance the experience and make your heart all big and fat with happiness when you serve your concoctions.

I have developed a real obsession with bowls recently and wanted to share 3 new additions to the Vivi table. As much as I love vintage china I really don't want to overdo it. I also have a strong penchant for the country home look and find that a fusion of country and vintage works a treat. Or if we're being totally rebellious and doing away with genres and labels basically I love anything colourful and pretty.

I bought the following 2 bowls from Sainsbury's in the sale for £5 each and I'm thrilled to bits with them.

Oh So Pretty

Country Chic
 Stick a chicken/cockeral on a product and I'll whip my debit card out as quick as you can say cock-a doodle doo. The other one is just so feminine and the florals are so heart warming.

The other was a purchase from The Hollies farm shop in Cheshire and HAD to have it since I adore chillies, strong colour and just the whole rustic and Mediterranean vibe.

Feeling hot hot hot!

What's your favourite piece of tableware? Post a comment and share the love.


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