Monday, 19 November 2012

Speedy Healthy Pizza

Well being true to my previous blog I attended my spinning class tonight and I worked my butt off to the extent it felt like I had an out of body experience; ie beyond pain. So when I got home it was imperative that I refuelled correctly post traumatic event but I needed something quick easy and of course healthy so as not to counteract the positive effects of my mammoth efforts.
Maybe my spinning class isn't as painful as how these ladies feel in the saddle!
One meal that always comes in handy is my godsend pizzas whereby the base is a tortilla wrap with tomato puree topped with yummy and colourful peppers, chicken, ham and a dusting of cheese. They take about 5 minutes to warm through in the oven. They're not as heavy as normal pizza bases and for me making an effort to watch my hourglass physique they're an ideal choice. More than that it provides a grand opportunity to increase the old portions of veg. Check out the pics, they're bursting with colour so from an aesthetic POV pleasing on the eye also.

Now I admit I'm not a huge fan of processed food but a girl can't have it all - working FT, rushing to the gymnasium then making a meal from scratch. So I used pre cooked chicken. Not the thin Bernard Matthews style but chunky pieces of chicken breast. In an ideal world I would have used fresh but given what I've just said it was the best of the situation since the rest of it was top notch nutritionally. I served up a mighty salad with rocket, spinach, tomatoes and more peppers. Oh and I forgot to add - over the pizza I drizzled my all time favourito Peri Peri sauce by Wildly Delicious and it lives up to it's name. It's bloody gorgeous.

Eating a rainbow
So give it a whirl and experiment with different toppings. Let me know the result.


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  1. Food looks fab, wish I lived closer. Afraid I couldn't spot you in the cycling picture! Love from the Rowan Clinic x