Thursday, 29 November 2012

Follow Your Heart

I must share with you my wonderful day yesterday and why following my heart with my food love has been such a good decision. I'm very excited to say that I have a couple of pieces to be published in a magazine next year. Prior to this and writing my blog I had a real creative void which I desperately wanted to fill but wasn't sure how. I couldn't draw, paint (apart from my face and nails!) or play an instrument so I felt I had no role in expressing creativity. It was only earlier in this year that by starting my blog and writing a couple of pieces I am filling that void and almost bursting with excitement daily. It has forced me to learn more about photography (work in progress!) which is a new area for me and forcing me to learn new skills, get the hell out of my comfort zone and grow and evolve which is just how life should be.

I decided I needed to invest in myself and get some really decent photos taken for my magazine piece so called on the beautiful and talented Betty Bee. I've been following her blog for a while so it was great meeting this lovely lady in the flesh as well as Lilly Von Pink and Mr Bee since I had read about them in Betty's blog. Betty did my makeup, Lilly did my hair and throw Mr Bee in the mix with his camera, this talented trio transformed me into a modern Monroe. It was such fun but that aside, being around creative people who take life by the balls and make it work for them by following their passion was a sheer inspiration. I just loved it and the place was rocking with such a fantastic energy. Yes I was there for the photos but sometimes the experience is just as good as the result. And the results I'm sure you agree are bloody brilliant and forgive me for bigging myself up but I think I look the nuts!

So what I'm trying to say is that following your heart is an essential journey; you're being authentic, you learn more and get to meet some brilliant people along the way.



  1. A wonderfully inspiring piece and you look amazing - pure glamour! x

  2. Wow RC how kind thank you! High glamour at all times is a must!xx

  3. This woman is an inspiration! Her energy, enthusiasm and passion for life is infectious! Nothing can stop her! Love you, Vivi! x

  4. Love coming right back atcha Humperella. Aw I'm all tingly with feel good vibes from your comment - thank you!

  5. Wow! Just found your blog via Betty Bee's. These pictures are beautiful, the fun you had shines through. I love your thoughts on writing to fill a creative void too, it's a wonderful thing. Looking forward to having a good read of your blog now x

  6. Pretty lady thank you for your lovely comments - wowzers! Glad you like my pics I enjoyed every minute and so happy that people can see that too. Seems like you're on the wavelength about creativity - essential for the soul. I'll be sure to check out more of your blog; rum cake well you're my kind of woman!x