Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Veggie Week

I had to share with you my latest veg discovery. Previous blog posts have included me getting overly excited about beautiful coloured vegetables and that excitement never wanes. Apart from the nutritional benefits, I see veg in the way that others see beautiful ornaments and objets and I just wish that the rotting process didn't happen to veg as given the chance I would lovingly display them in my home alongside candles, pictures and other homewares!
Vivi Veggie Queen
Where possible I like to shop locally to support the surrounding farms and do tend to mix and match my supermarche and independent food retailer visits. I do find supermarkets a bit soulless yet I admit they are convenient and sometimes cheaper unfortunately.  I was absolutely on cloud nine last week when I popped into my local Morrisons for some foodie props for my photoshoot with Betty Bee. I thought I was going to burst with utter joy when I discovered the abundant stocks of weird and wonderful looking veggies. I made small talk with an old dear next the the blueberries just so I could show her what was eventually in my trolley as I had to share my excitement with someone. She was very polite god love her but I think she wanted to run away and hide behind the fish counter in all honesty. A little bit scared.
Check Out The Chard
There were leafy varieties of all colours especially the chard found in vibrant shades of red and yellow and a beautiful radicchio. I found mini peppers and orange and yellow tomatoes. I have an unhealthy obsession with jalepenos and have only ever had them from a jar so I was thrilled to find a fresh variety. I stumbled on a new salad leaf called mizuna which was lacey, spindly and pretty. The mushroom selection was also diverse and abundant so I filled a bag with all sorts of strange looking funghi.

 My favourite creations from the produce were a delicious and earthy mushroom and tarragon soup and last night I had the mini peppers roasted with spaghetti, chorizo and chicken. Heaven! The rest were donated to the Betty Bee Towers kitchenette and I believe a stew was made from that. I'm definitely going to go back and experiment with some other delights as there were a few things in there I hadn't even heard of so I'll look forward to another shopping trip. This time I'll try not to freak out the old dears!

Mini roasted peppers with pasta.

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