Monday, 31 December 2012

Vivi's Continuous Commitments

Well New Years Eve is upon us and tends to be a time when many of us take stock, reflect on the past year and decide what to keep, what to kick to the curb and what to introduce into our lives. I am a real fan of self improvement but I must admit I stifle a yawn when the New Year arrives and people reel off a list of clich├ęd intentions that they know deep down will go out of the window within a week.

Personally I believe that to constantly keep an eye on your goals is the way forward rather than annually. I would never knock anyone for a new year new you attitude but I think it puts pressure on them and by having a set of intentions that is close to your heart, that reflects what YOU want rather than what you think you should do really helps. And also throw in a bit of fun. It's all of this hardcore morbid discipline and stifling "must do's" which squeeze the fun out of life and send one heading to the nearest shop to buy a big cream cake. Every year when someone asks me what my resolutions are I always answer "to have more fun." To me that's what life should be about.

So below here are my ongoing commitments while a few new goals are chucked in there. Some food related, some not.

1. Health
Ok let's get this one over with. Weight loss and exercise are the top of the list for most people I imagine and I'm not exempt. I'm a fan of healthy eating and while 5 a day isn't a challenge for me my portion sizes of healthy meals have grown a bit too big. That's no surprise as I laugh loud, love hard and wear big accessories and lots of makeup. Less is more rarely features in my life. Previous blog posts have discussed my curves morphing into a round and while I'm all about body acceptance whatever shape one is, for me personally, my health is important to me and  keeping my curves in check while still enjoying good healthy food is the way forward with plenty of fun exercise in there. Plus I simply can't afford to replace my wardrobe, I have some gorgeous dresses there which require a Vivi/ Monroe wiggle and I refuse to let them go. As I say this is ongoing and I need exercise also for glowing skin and a happy mind. Whatever size I am I always ensure glamour at all times and work it like a moviestar.

I can't tell you how many recipes I have seen and thought "I'm definitely making that." And then another recipe comes along and the same thought pops up and in the end none of them are made. Earlier this week I found a Nigella chilli jam recipe via Twitter. I committed to making it and goddam it was good.

I'm also trying to be more adventurous with fish dishes and I've been recommended a great fish monger whom I shall be visiting this week. On that note I also want to learn how to prepare a whole fish as it's a dream of mine to catch and cook a fish. I love the whole back to basics thing and being a vintage lover I know our war time sisters would have had the skills. I want them too.

On a boring note, I've made a start on sorting the Vivi pantry as I couldn't find a ruddy thing in there and it was tainting my cooking experiences. I loathe organising and admin but it got to crisis point. The pan and roasting dishes cupboard are done and the next (daunting) task is sorting the spice drawer. All random bags of spice shall be decanted and labelled to ensure a stress free cooking experience

3. New experiences
I love trying new things and one thing I've done this year has been photography. I booked Mr V and I on a couple of courses via Groupon just for the hell of it and I've found a new hobby and learned new skills (food photography is a bitch and I really need to nail this one!)  I also went on a secret vintage teaparty afternoon which was delightful and and hope to do more of them for sure! Windsurfing is next on my list
Looking ahead to 2013
4. Following My Heart
When I was little I used to always write. Whether it was stories, top 10's or profiles of my favourite things (horses and Madonna back then still on the list now) Then I grew up and became an adult and the only thing I would write were birthday cards and emails. I had a real craving to create and my writing was reborn in the form of this blog. As much as I'm thrilled if people read it I'd still do it if I had no readers as I enjoy it so much. The icing on the cake for me (I love foodie puns!) is that Vintage Life magazine are publishing a couple of my recipes. I'm so thrilled as it's my favourite magazine and a real achievement for me. I can't wait to see it and I had a wonderful photoshoot with my fave blogger Betty Bee so now have a set of great pictures that when I'm old and wrinkly can think "Gosh I was hot!" So by following my heart lovely things have happened and I've met some cool people along the way. I shall commit to keep on doing this.

5. Having More Fun
As I said earlier I say this every year. 2012 certainly has been fun for me (plus a few hardships thrown in there for good measure as that is life and I've dealt with them) I'm a believer in the law of attraction so if I focus on fun and happiness the more I shall attract. I also wish this to you all for 2013, wish you lots of luck pursuing your goals and send you lots of Vivi love from my big heart.


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