Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Eat Like A Goddess

I first came across the beautiful and talented Lisa Clark in the summer when she had a guest spot on Betty Bee's blog. I completely fell in love with her writing style. When I was a teenager, magazines such as Just Seventeen were my second parents and those journo's taught me not only how to apply liquid eye liner but how to be assertive, remain individual and just, well, rock quite frankly.I actually depended on their weekly words of wisdom. LC's writing catapulted me back to those days as she writes for teen mags and I felt a lovely warm hug of words envelope me. She doesn't stop there either - she is spiritually rich which always floats my boat, she is an author and publisher, she coaches gals on writing and is the goddess and innovator of SASSYology too - I know! SASSY stands for Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual and Sensational You with the emphasis on being the mistress of your own reality which is so up my street. When she published a book earlier this year SASSY - The Go For It Girls Guide To Becoming The Mistress Of Your Destiny I was thrilled to high heaven. I'm now on my second read and I'm convinced I have taken my own goddess powers up a notch or two.
Goddess SASSY
Being a food, nutrition, eating and self esteem lover I was impressed and interested about the SASS Queen's views on the importance of eating well for overall health and not just weight. One blog post in particular talked about emotional eating which really struck me as brave, it's not easy to share such things. As well as reading the book I wanted to ask her more and almost vomited with excitement when she agreed to an intervivi-view! Rather than read about celebrity diets in trashy goss mags we should be listening to the likes of Ms (soon to be a Mrs!) Clark. I'm sure you'll be inspired getting to know this fabulous lady.

VV: I love your philosophy of enhancing the SASSY factor by nourishing the body with good food and exercise and happy that you’re empowering  sistas to make positive changes. You were really brave sharing with readers on your blog your journey to good health talking about the link between emotions and eating. Tell us what made you embark upon your journey and where are you now?

LC: I’ve always been a voluptuous/curvy/fat (delete as applicable) girl, but two years ago, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, and for the benefit of my health, I was told I had to lose weight. Now, I feel like I’m on X Factor - they love talking about the ‘journey’ don’t they?!! But my relationship with food and getting to know my emotional attachments to it has been my biggest learning, ever. In fact, I think I’m still just scratching the surface really. The thing is, once you start exploring your relationship with food, it opens up lots of ‘stuff’ about the rest of your life, in my case, I’ve found that my slightly fucked up relationship with money and worth has been intrinsically linked to my relationship with food, I mean, who knew?! So where am I at now? I’m still doing a lot o’ learning – but we seriously need to be teaching this stuff in schools, all I learned was how to make an apple pie, we should be learning about nutrition and what our body needs to fuel it efficiently…

VV: I totally agree. During your journey did you hit any stumbling blocks and how did you overcome them?

LC: Yep, most definitely…the biggest one is the fact I live with a 6ft 6 Viking so my view of portion size is slightly screwy. There’s nothing small in our world, but we’ve changed up to small plates, and the other big thing we’ve done that’s made life so much easier is that we’ve adopted an ‘eat clean’  diet, you don’t feel like you’re missing out on food!

VV: Good plan! You write books, magazine articles, coach aspiring writers and run workshops. With a busy life how do you achieve your health goals?

LC: It takes practice, that’s for sure. It’s all about the planning. The Viking and I have got pretty regimental with writing menus on the fridge for the week, ordering our grocery shop online so we’re not tempted by sweet treats and making sure I’ve always got things to snack on  - I love apple and peanut butter – yummo!

VV: I'm obsessed with the PB at the moment. Sometimes it can be scary changing habits. If someone wanted to be healthier where do you think they should start?

LC: Start really small, I think the big mistake people make is to go for a complete overhaul and that can simply be so overwhelming that you slip straight back into old habits. The same is true for going on the all or nothing diets too, if you take everything away, it makes sense that you’ll crave absolutely everything you’re no longer eating, so I’d just pick a few things like if you snack on chocolate which I used to do at least once a day, then swap it for the apple slices with peanut butter. Li’l steps for long-term results – if that’s not a saying, it totally should be.

VV: It should!You have a hot man in your life who is also your soulmate – good on you! Who does the cooking in the household?

LC: The Viking comes from a really big family so is used to cooking big portions, I am REALLY new to the cooking lark, and literally only started to follow recipes when we moved in together – the good thing is, I can only cook good-for-you food, The Viking however is all about winter comfort food like lasagne and roast dinners. He does make the most amazing home-made bread that I do indulge in the eating of at least once a month – it’s incredz!

VV: It sure sounds it! Do you have a signature SASS dish?

LC: I make an amazing eat clean Pad Thai – it’s my absolute favourite dinner. I’m also pretty good at quorn dahl too

VV: I'm drooling. God forbid you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

LC: Ohmystars…that’s so difficult…chicken korma and rice – ahhh I LOVE that…

VV: Fantasy dinner party – who would you invite? (dead or alive)

LC: Ohhhh I LOVE this question…Frida Kahlo, Nigella, Sophia Loren, Mae West, Alicia Keyes and Oprah – quite possibly the most delicious goddess circle EVER.

VV: I ADORE Oprah.And Nigella. A brief detour from the culinary – you’re a very funky looking lady. What inspires you fashion wise?

LC: I am obsess-o about 50’s/rockabilly stylin’, they dug the curve. I love leopard print, over the top accessories and shoes. I LOVE shoes.

VV: Gotta love the lep. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

LC: My nan told me any time that life gets a bit dark and sucky – my words not hers – ‘this too shall pass’ and it’s true, whatever challenge shows up, as they inevitably do, it WILL pass and you may be changed, it may have hurt, you may grow, you may have learned something new, but it does pass.

VV: Nans are so wise. What’s next for you, have you plans to write any more books or do you have other projects in the pipeline?

LC: I’m marrying the hot Viking on the 21st Dec which makes me so happy I could burst, next year I’m working with a global brand to tackle self-esteem globally, I’m launching a brand new programme called Write Your Freakin’ Heart Out working with gutsy girls to tell their stories through heart riffin’, journaling and life-living, and I’m writing a new book: The Happy Ever After of a Turned On Woman – I also plan on doing lots of kissing and shoe buying.

Gadzooks! This woman is a pure ball of feminine super hero energy isn't she? Get some yourself too and buy her book, it's fabulous. As a bonus - order from her website and you can get a signed copy and goodies or also from Amazon
A Must Read

Lastly let's all wish our SASS Queen lots of love and happiness for her future with her Viking beau.



  1. fabulos interview and sooo fippin' right! Love Lisa!!