Monday, 13 August 2012

Cave-girl Vivi

I was feeling really gloomy at the weekend since I had to cancel a trip to seeing some dear friends I hadn’t seen for a long time. It had been booked for weeks and I can’t tell you how much had been looking forward to it. However I had been really under the weather for most of the week. I was packed, dressed and ready to leave the house for my weekend jaunt in complete denial that I actually felt hideous and had to admit defeat and stay at home.

After some rest, I was in desperate need for a change of scenery and fresh air so I put on my frock and headed out with Mr Victory in search of some Vivi pantry provisions since we had not been shopping as we were expecting to be away.  The cupboard was bare. I knew just the place to cheer me up. The Hollies at Little Budworth is my idea of sheer heaven. It’s jam packed with almost everything that makes me happy on this earth; amazing food and beautiful home wares. It’s like an art gallery but with food instead of paintings.

The BEST home made cakes

One of the many highlights for me is the butchers. My inner cave woman was unleashed immediately. It looks like the meat version of a Parisian patisserie window. Never before have I seen meat look so beautiful. It was like a carnivorous couture catwalk; pork dressed in Prada and mince rocking Moschino. And I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. Mr Victory had to reign me in and have stern words that we had only needed to buy provisions for one meal only. Plus a rustic trug and a scented candle which are obvious essentials in anyone’s shopping basquet.

I never knew raw met could look this pretty!
After what felt like about 3 hours of deciding what to get, it was narrowed down to beef truffles and smoked bourbon beef rib. One of the butchers (a real character, great  banter) was very open that I would have to guess the ingredients of the marinade (in a jovial way mind) no information sharing - he was clearly very proud of his secret and boy he should be. I was all about the respect of protecting his secret but have now decided that I shall harass him until he reveals it. Bourbon and...? So watch out Monsieur Butcher! Beef truffles are made from mince, shaped like vol au vent cases and stuffed with garlic butter, onion, kiev marinade, cheese and herbs.

Beautiful beef truffles
It then took what seemed like another 3 hours to decide what to have avec le beouf and went for beetroot, red onion and courgette (roasted) and roast potatoes with rosemary.

My new trug and fresh fayre

The meal was really easy to do; all it involved was putting the beef rib in the oven for 3 hours (low heat) then in the last 40 minutes (heat whacked up) sticking some potatoes I’d boiled in another oven dish with olive oil and rosemary and the same for the beetroot, courgette and red onion and the last 30 minutes popped the beef truffles in there too. The verdict: Mr Victory decided that the Great British Sunday roast is totally. O.V.E.R now this meal has been discovered. Controversial! I was just full and happy.


So thank you Hollies for alleviating my melancholy and lifting me from illness hell to culinary heaven. I will be back to plague your butchery team until the marinade secret is revealed!


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