Sunday, 19 August 2012

If You Can't Eat It, Wear It!

My love of food doesn't stop at cooking and discovering new recipes - no sir-ee! It also extends into the fashion and accessories arena. The food and fashion fusion is happiness akin to the type when you've just eaten ribs and the sauce is smeared all over your face. Now let me tell you a tale.The other week I was in the hairdressers to get my tired and stressed blonde locks back to Monroe standards. While my nose was buried in a very trashy mag, in walked a cool looking Marianne Faithful-esque gal. My hairdresser was thrilled our appointments coincided since she had always said we'd get on like a house on fire due to our shared love of all things vintage. Well she wasn't wrong. We chatted like old friends and I discovered that this cool lady not only had the same shoes and dress as me (our meeting was meant to be!) but made jewellery on top of working a day job.

Hoping I would leave the salon looking like this. Realistic?
I'm always a fan of championing les dames enterpreneurs. We gots to give these ladies props for having the passion and energy to make a living by following their hearts. Sadly the hair appointment came to an end and upon departure I asked her to send me a link to her website. I needed some new accessories to go with my Monroe barnet and was ecstatic to discover her quirky style extended to foodie trinkets.

The choice was all too much from a ring depicting the fry up to an Alice in Wonderland "Drink Me" bottle. I settled on some ice cream earrings to celebrate the warm weather. For a mega bargain £1.99 these beauties looked very kitcsh and apt with my new 50's dress. Now obviously with the reasonable price tags I could have ordered a whole lot more but I had been a bit naughty with the Vivi budget so I allowed just one treat. However I shall be ordering a whole lot more when my bank balance has restored to something less meagre.

My earrings arrived in this delicious bag

How cute?
Click here if you're as excited as me. The company is called Lucy Loves 1969 and you'll find her range goes beyond the culinary genre so I'm sure you'd find other delights to look good on your dressing table. Spend and enjoy!
HAVE to get these rings next time
Non food related but I WANT it all the same


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