Friday, 17 August 2012

Simple Abundance

Sometimes in life simple pleasures are so welcome and the most basic of things can give one such a thrill. In a  world filled with the mundane, complexity and sheer bogged down with life-ness feeling, you can come across something that would seem to others total insignificance.

Yesterday I popped into my local Tesco to pick up a few odds and sods and HAD to buy these beautiful tomatoes purely just for their colour. I was a little sad that they actually had to be eaten (mind you that was short lived when I popped one in my mouth!) because they just looked super pretty in a bowl showing the world their bold colours and vibrancy. They're called meli melo tomatoes and I'd love to try my hand at growing some next year.

They tasted ever so sweet but more importantly they made my day that little bit brighter. Later that day, one of my lovely friends emailed me to say she found a purple cauliflower, get a load of this badboy!

Yes I'm easily pleased but I believe in looking at every opportunity to make my heart glow with happiness and slap a big fat smile on my face.

Let me know if you've tried growing these babies! Or what the coolest most colourful food you've had the pleasure of finding.

Happy weekend!

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