Thursday, 16 August 2012

Souper Trooper War-time Lunch

Still feeling slightly below par, I was in search of a vitamin boost and I decided a soup would be an ideal lunch to achieve this. I stumbled across a war time recipe from one of my food heroes Marguerite Patten (OBE) and loved the speed and simplicity of it and luckily had all of the ingredients available in the Vivi pantry. It's from Marguerite's Post War Kitchen;a great read and gives a great insight into wartime food with some great recipes.

The recipe was for a cucumber soup, something I'd never tried before and I get a bit over excited when trying new dishes for the first time. I was mightily impressed with this one. It only took about 20-30 minutes to make from chopping to eating and in between while it was bubbling I got on with other things so minimal input for maximum results! Plus it's mega cheap to make which is always welcome.

I'm VERY serious adding the milk
I've changed it slightly in that I've added a stockcube and garlic and used less milk in the recipe since a meal is incomplete without garlic in my eyes and to be honest my milk stocks were low. I'm old skool and have deliveries from the milkman so refuse to top up from the local store unless it's an emergency! Click here if you'd like the recipe.

I didn't think it would have as much flavour as it did but Lordy my tastebuds were doing a jig of delight and my tired body was revived! I'm definitely going to do this again, make a big batch and try it chilled for those warmer days we've been having. Let me know if you try it too.

Bursting with flavour and vitamins!

Love Vivi.x

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