Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lunch In Paris

J'adore Paris. Completely. The food, the buildings, the fashion, the culture - it is the most wonderful city and it rocks my world.  I could spend hours gawping at the beauty of the patisserie windows, forget the Louvre - patisseries are pure art. Maybe my penchant for Paris is also beacuse it has a rep for romance and I'm a HUGE sucker for love and romance. I have a big fat heart and believe in love totally and utterly and I have no time for cynics when it comes to l'amour.
Ahhh Paris, so beautiful!

J'adore books too and while scanning the titles for a new read in my local library "Lunch in Paris: A Delicious Love Story, With Recipes"  leaped out at me and instantly I knew this book would delight me. I wasn't disappointed. This is an autobiography with a twist. New Yorker Elizabeth Bard meets Frenchman Gwendal and the story follows their love affair punctuated by the meals that signified certain moments during the relationship. You will be hooked as you follow Elizabeth to the Parisian food markets and can almost smell the garlic and pork lardons sizzling in the pan as the smitten couple make "Pasta a la Gwendal."

It goes to show that even with two completely cultures food has the ability to surpass language barriers.The icing on the cake is that at the end of every chapter Elizabeth gives you the recipes for those key moments in their love affair. I can't wait to try the molten chocolate cakes. Remember that M&S ad with the chocolate oozing out? Oh yes bebe!
They haven't a clue what each other are saying but they all understand they love a good scone and cup of tea

Don't read this book in a rush. Set aside a bit chunk of time and cheese, pour a glass of robust red and slip into pure, indulgent food and love heaven. Total escapism and I assure you; you'll be munching on hanks of baguette smeared in Camembert while looking at flight prices to Paris. It really is a beautiful read so indulge and enjoy!



  1. Mr and Mrs N from the Q29 August 2012 at 09:20

    Love love love the blog, all up to date, reacquainted with Jamie and inspired to match Mr N in the kitchen...maybe, xx

  2. How wonderful! Thank you for your kind comments. Keep me posted on your culinary adventure. I'm sure you'll whip up a real treat! Mmmmm.xx